Our territory

Cilento is a mountain sub-region of Campania in the province of Salerno. Land of myths and culture, nature, tradition and cuisine, inspired by centuries poets and singers.

Many of the Greek and Roman myths that are the basis of our Western culture, have been set on its shores. Land of fishermen, extra virgin olive oil, tomato, buffalo mozzarella and Limoncello, is the fulcrum of the Mediterranean Diet.

Nowadays, this land has become a world heritage site and a popular tourist spot of maximum prominent on the international scene.
Many traditions and typical dishes that the locals continue to pass on to future generations. Absolutely a land to discover!!!

Among the points of interest is the archaeological area of Paestum with its majestic temples; the island of Punta Licosa near Castellabate where it is said that Ulysses had himself tied to the mainmast to hear the siren song; the town of Palinuro who's name is taken from the famous helmsman of Aeneas; the city of Agropoli which stands on a high promontory laying down in the sea, surmounted in the highest point from the Byzantine castle overlooking the coast and surrounding hills; and many others famous locations.

Easily reached by car or ferry are also the Amalfi Coast with Amalfi and Positano, and Sorrento Coast as well as the famous island of Capri.

Distances by car:
Paestum – 5min approx.
Agropoli – 7min approx.
Castellabate – 15/20min approx.
Costiera Amalfitana – 1h e 15min approx.
Costiera Sorrentina – 1h e 45min approx.
Pompei – 1h approx.
Ercolano – 1h e 15min approx.
Palinuro – 20min approx.
Padula – 1h e 15min approx.
Salerno – 45min approx.
Napoli – 1h e 20min approx.
Point of interests